Couch to 5K

It's amazing how far you run

Since Dunder2004 recommended in a post earlier, I've spent some time poking it.

First I plotted my latest route, to see if the site distance tallied with the results from my Garmin - it did, showing just under 4 miles for 3 laps of my route round the village.

Then I thought I'd plot a potential route I've been thinking about, but that I thought was way too long for me - out of the village, to the next village, round the countryside and back into my village.

Turns out it's pretty much the same distance, just under 4 miles!

To sit and think about it, it seems like much further.

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Too much sitting and thinking, not enough out and running ! Sounds like a nice village to village route, I hope you don't delay now you know it's not that far.


It's my rest day!! I'm allowed to sit and think on a rest day. Laura said so :p

Actually it's not the best route for running on, it's quite a busy road with some dodgy corners where a lot of people don't anticipate other traffic on the road let alone runners.

Could be one for an early Sunday morning run when it's nice and quiet.


Thanks for this, I'll be having a look shortly. One thing I do when thinking about new routes, especially longer ones, is to get my bike out and ride it so that I can see it clearly (I'm good at missing bits of it out in my head even when I think I've imagined every part of it).


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