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32 mph winds

well first post grad run. I've been up since 5.30am thanks to the toddler, been at a mind numbing training course all day and been staring out the window most of the day just longing for some fresh air. I'm knackered but I know Ive got to stick at this and keep up my three weekly runs. So out I trot and its fresh to say the least, and I'm still in two minds but i don't tell my legs and i battle my mind and the wind. Im glad I've a long sleeve top under my running top, it never really warms up along the windy top road. I do fancy a pair of those sleeve things I saw the ladies wearing in the london marathon, but i can't decide what colour.

Sometimes on this run I actually think I'm slower than walking, but I'm still faster than anyone on the couch!!

I complete my first run on my new training schedule and I'm happy I've been out so I've just celebrated with a bar of galaxy!! Hope everyone else has had a good run!!

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Blimey. Did you really have 32mph winds? That's hard so really well done for running in it.


Hi Irish princess, I know, wish I'd checked the weather before I left the house but then I'd never have gone at all!! X


What part of the country are you?


West side of the Isle of Man, just up above peel.


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