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1st 10 Miler

So, I completed my first 10 mile run on Saturday! For those of you that recall I had an umbilical and double inguinal hernias repaired earlier this year. I've been gradually working my way back to running with shorter runs. My goal for this race was to maintain an 8:30 pace. The pace wasn't bad, I was holding 8:10-8:20 throughout the run. Both Achilles tendons started burning after mile 4, started running out of steam around mile 8, got a second wind around mile 9 and a major burst of acceleration at the last eighth to finish in 1:22:30. Never thought I'd be ready for such a pace this soon! However, noe the front of my knees are sore along with the Achilles. Time to rest!

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Wow, that is a great time for 10 miles! Sounds like you have come back strongly, and that's wonderful to hear.

Enjoy your well deserved rest :)

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Will do. I have a few weeks of short 5k's until I start training for a half marathon in September.


Nice! Can I buy that run and do it myself in October please? ;)


Go for it!


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