Couch to 5K

I'm starting again - 3 years later

I gave up three years ago in week 5 and am starting again (I'm on W2R2). I'm very unfit, and very overweight - so find every single step unbearable. I literally have to think 'just make it to the bin, then decide if you want to stop', then 'just to the bench, then decide'.... the whole time.

BUT - signed up to a 10k race in September, so kind of have to keep going. I really don't want to quit.

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You have a target to aim for, which will help with your motivation. Keep posting here and we will help chivvy you along - and take heart. It does get better! I hated some of the early runs of the program and only kept going as I didn't want to drop out before a friend (who similarly refused to quit before me). Now though, I find running provides such a release and a great way to unwind. I will get tetchy if I don't run!


You can do this! You are showing such determination that you will get through. Good luck!


Yay, well done you Lotty! That's the spirit. You can do it this time. I know these things, you see, and I know that you're a winner who's going to surprise yourself by successfully completing the whole programme. All 9 yards (or is it 9 weeks?).

Let us know how you're getting on :)


Thanks everyone - means a lot!


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