Ok.. So I am plodding on through the weeks. Because of work, and travelling to see my daughters, I tend to only get a single run done every week, so I double up on the runs. I completed w5r2 reset the audio track to the 5min walk and did it again on both Saturday and Sunday.. But that only means one thing!!! Next saturday morning is the 20min MEGA-BEAST.....

I just don't see how I can get through it to be honest, and its freaking me out. I am trying to take re-assurance from all the posts who said that they have done it, but I am going to have a sleepless night on Friday..

Fingers crossed that the designer of the programme knew what they were doing!!



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11 Replies

  • Oh stop with the nervousness and freaking out already! You'll be fine. Deep breath, and calm. Go Zen baby. Have faith in the programme, Laura and yourself. What a trio!

    Go get it done. Let us know how it goes. It will be fun. Just smile, relax and go .....

  • Heading towards the "suck it up princess" speech.. I need it :-)

  • Take it slowly & you will be fine.

  • Thanks Wind.. Sounds much more a case of mind control over anything else

  • I think you will find the designer as you put it, knew what they were doing.

  • I'm not sure if I have understood you correctly but it sounds as if you are already doubling up on the runs each time you do them? This means you will already have Covered much more than the 20 minutes in week 5 run 3. Time perhaps to just do the single run each time - you should find it okay. Good luck

  • Hi Ully. You are correct. So I complete the 2 x 8min runs for w5r2, have a 5min walk, and then do them again. Its the continuous 20mins that makes me nervous.. Thanks for the wishes.. Fingers crossed. lol

  • Do the runs as laid out you naughty thing. You don't want to end up crocked and sidelined.

    Nag, nag, nag. I know, I know.

    Take care, steady as you go. Have fun out there

  • lol MW.. I will try the run either Friday night, or Sat morning early.. Look out for either the tears of joy, or wallowing self pity shortly afterwards!! :-)

  • There really is no need to be nervous. I am betting you will be fine but what's the worst that can happen? Just take it slow and the minutes will tick by faster then you 'fear'.

  • Thanks Dunder.

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