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Week 9 started, running in Copenhagen

I can't believe that I have actually done W9R1 today. I am visiting in Copenhagen this weekend. We are staying in a lovely houseboat. Right away when we arrived here, I saw a lots of people running past us. So it was not difficult to find a nice place for my Sunday morning run. The route I took was very flat compared to my routes at home, so I think I actually run slightly faster than at home going up and down the patesy trough woods and fields.

I am flying back to UK tomorrow morning, so rest of the week I will be back to my familiar route.

Copenhagen is such a lovely place. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and amazing bicycles. I am amazed what kind of things locals here transport with their bikes. Very impressive.

Happy running everyone!

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Sounds wonderful - only two runs to go!


Very well done! God speed with the graduation runs.


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