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W4R1. I never expected that !

I must admit, I approached the run today with fear and trepidation. After all, running for 16 minutes is something I don't think I have ever done in my life.

Very cold this morning, it had been raining overnight and there was a fresh layer of snow on Schiehallion (A mountain that never fails to impress). The wind was whipping down into the valley and I began to wonder if I had slept through summer and winter was upon us once more.

The five minute walk began. The wind roared into my face. I knew I would be turning out of the wind for the first 3 minute run, so I strode on with determination.

The 3 minutes began and I was off, at a nice steady pace, and with Laura encouraging me on I managed it. 90 seconds of walking. And then..... The first 5 minutes.

Head up, look forward, arms at a 90 degree angle and away. At 2.5 minutes, the road started to climb and I ran the final half uphill. I was so relieved when Laura said, slow down. Time to walk.

I did a nice little Rocky air punch and kept going.

The second 3 minutes seemed a little easier, probably a combination of it not being 5 minutes and by this time I was a going downhill.

The last 5 minutes was with a cold side wind but a determined streak from me.

I did it! How did that happen? 3 weeks ago it was all I could manage to go for a walk.

I never expected that!

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WOO HOO! Well done you! thats ace! I am off to do W3R3 tomorrow so will be joining you in the W4 runs next week. LOVE reading people moving up a week and doing it. Fantastic! once again. well done x

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Nice run. I love how our brain works - your description of the second 3 minute run being easy because it's not 5 minutes... That's the way to do it, break down the run mentally into chunks that are reasonable to you, that you know you can complete. You'll find that more and more useful as the runs get longer. Happy running, it sounds like you nailed it.

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