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W7R3 hardest yet!

As above really. Today I did this run for last time in Wales before heading home. Have to say I really didn't enjoy this run at all. I was tired as soon as I woke up this morning, nearly put it off till tomorrow when I'm home but kicked myself up the bum and off I went. I did complete it but didn't enjoy it! Looking forward to the start of week 8 back home 🏡

I'm finding it takes me a hood 5 minutes to settle into my stride and sort my breathing out, is this normal?

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I think it is normal, the first 2-3 minutes are generally the toughest for me too.

Today wasn't so good but you completed the run and you can get back to more familiar (and flatter!) surroundings. That's a success in my book.

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Well done for continuing with the hills, you'll really find it makes a difference when you're back on the flat. Yes it's perfectly normal to take 5-10 minutes to settle down while your brain and body is telling you to give up and go home even when you're a really experienced runner. You just need to know to push through that and then the run becomes easier. Great work though, only 6 more sessions to go until graduation !

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It takes me about 10 mins, sometimes longer to settle in to a rhythm. You will get to learn what your body needs to feel comfortable, e.g. starting slow until you settle in to a pace. I find it's so rewarding when you get a good pace going, you eventually forget about the difficult early part. Hope you have a more enjoyable next run, and be easy on yourself!


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