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Just back from W6R3.

I started with mixed feelings. .....Maybe I can, .....maybe I can't....... In the end I could. I found it hard. 25 minutes! Who would have thought? Now and again I was flagging and needed to have a talk to myself!

I have also changed my posture. Watching another runner who was holding her body erect, I decided to do the same without swivelling my torso from left to right. Same with the arms position. Laura had explained the best body posture but it was hard for me to concentrate on all those aspects when I was just trying to get my feet forward without dying.

Although it has been hard, I am surprised how easy it has all been. To get me to run for one minute, let alone 25 minutes was just an impossibility a few months ago. I have followed you guys advices and decided not to redo week 5 but carry on to week 6. Thanks for this. Laura is now saying I can consider myself a runner !!!

My new hurdle now is that I have to present myself to the hospital shortly for an op and will not be able to run for a few weeks. I suppose will have to restart with shorter runs to get back to week 6.

Still, week6R3, wow, I did it !

Have a great run time for the next few weeks. I envy you

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Well done :) it's a real achievement and I can remember this run being v hard for me too....literally dragged myself round! Then it gets easier and you will be back, you will probably have to step back on time and build back, but you can do it now!! Hope the op goes well and we see you back in those trainers soon :)

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Well done for coming this far! I have just completed week 7 run 2, ie also 25 Minutes, and I still find it very hard. But I have found that I recover more quickly than the other 2 times I have run for this length of time.

All the best for your op and we'll have you back here posting your progress in no time.

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Well done you! Glad you moved on - that's a great point to get to if you do need to take a break. Week 7 is just w6r3 3 times - so you know you can do that!

The program is brilliant the way it builds up stamina without you even noticing.

As for posture, one good tip I was given (as I too have problems remembering the list of things I am meant to be doing) is to pull your belly button in as far as you can (try to make it touch your spine!). That tends to straighten up all the rest of the posture, then all you have to do is play steam trains with your arms!

Hope all goes well with your op, come back and post while you are convalescing.


Thanks for the tip. I like that. I will work on it when I am back on the run


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