Couch to 5K

W3 R3 Completed

so thats w3 done, struggled a bit on r2 but found the last 3 minute run a little easier tonight. Its great that my wife is by my side as she is controlling my pace as she runs slower meaning i now stay by her side as i had a tendency to go too fast towards an imaginary finishing line which left me really struggling for that last 20 seconds and doubting my ability to continue with the course. Was looking ahead to w4 with trepidation but loved a post answer which said dont think of how many minutes you have to get through just slow down to a steady pace and keep going until Laura tells you otherwise.

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Well done! Sooo cute that u and ur wife run togeths!!!


Well done. Finished Week 3 myself this evening.

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Good going. keep plugging away slow and steady and you'll get through it without any problems

Enjoy yourself!


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