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W6R1 update&question

Hi guys,

After attempt to do my second run outside on my W6R1 few days ago.. I finally did it on my beloved treadmill. Much enjoyed it! not as difficult as W5R3 but im sure R2&R3 will be bit of a struggle but thats the program :-)

Now, to my question but first to explain - when i was about 6-7y old i had mild pain in my knees and then used to and still do click a lot ( i kno some may say clicking is normal n common but it didnt end only with knees); my fingers and wrists used to feel very stiff when i was 12-13-14y old and i had to click them for the pain to go away for few hrs, then again; when 19y old (around the time i was looking after my mum) i damaged my right shoulder cuz of constant lifting my mum. That's the time when my collarbones started to hurt so had to click them too. 5y ago i had accident at work (care home) that cause my sciatica and hip problem. the only joints that still working properly are my ankles... untill couple days ago after run.. Few yrs back i did go to Dr they checked me for osteoporosis - its not that.. but they said i had hyper-moving joints as in they will come out of their place (not completely of course but enough for discomfort). I tried physio -the spine and joint would be sorted for 30min during the session then 10min after i leave it felt like i havent been to physio at all.. (it feels like im gonna fall apart pretty soon lol)

Now that im full time mum and not in a care home the pain was not so gone or not so bad. But now that im more active - running, and started strength and flexibility - i noticed the pain in my collarbone and knees is back. The worst is now my ankles start to hurt too (which as i said were the only joints that were ok)

My question is - should i be running at all? If i can run - any advise on how should i do it so i dont cause more damage or new damage? Anything like support stuff to put on? Should i wait till i lose more wait till i run - 15st 3lb and the above joint problem - is it still safe to run?

(Hope it made all sence :-/)

MoNi :-)

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Moni, thats really something you need to discuss with your GP or physio I am afraid. I doubt any of us are best placed to advise on this


well ... the GP didnt gimme any answer really :-\ and the physio said there is nothing he could do to make the pain better...



I'm always a bit wary of answering questions like this because I'm no expert, but having read your bio, I will say something. If you read my bio you'll see I had a physical challenge too, though not the same as yours by any means. I think we have something in common; a realisation that we had to change. Your twin strategy of walking and healthy eating worked very well for me until I had lost enough weight to give me the confidence to try running. By confidence what I actually mean is that I felt given my personal circumstances, by that point i had removed sufficient risk to make running feasible for me. I accepted that risk and I've never looked back, but mentally it took some time for me to get there.

Maybe, just maybe, scaling things back a little on the running for now and making greater changes to your healthy eating plan (note, I never use the 'd***' word) might make the journey a little easier.

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Oh wow, sounds like a question you need to ask a doctor. Don't trust casual advice from strangers on the internet when you've got all those issues.

Hope you get a resolution :)


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