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Back out after 6 weeks

Morning all,

Graduated way back last year, and was running every other day, till a couple of simultanious martial arts injuries (left knee and right hammy) stopped me in my tracks.

Last night, went out for first time. After extensive warm up.

Stopped after 3k. Legs very heavy, stiff and hurty. Loads of ice when I got home. Not too bad this morning though.

Surprising thing to me is the heart / lung stuff is pretty much the same as it was before I had to stop 6 weeks or so ago. I dont seem to have lost a lot of fitness in that time, but the legs seem to have lost all their strength.

Barring any unpleasantness, back out on wednesday nite. Plan is another couple of 3k, then back out to 5 if the legs are happy.

Anyhoo, I'd be interested to hear any advise people may have for recovering knee probs, or getting back after an injury lay off.



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