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Week 1 run2 via gym

Hi all,

I did my second run today in week 1 at the gym on the tred mill. I must say that I found this a lot easier than running round the local field so I feel like a bit of a fraud this time. The experience was so different to the first run.

I took the advice from you all and slowed down so the breathing was easier and the chest didn't hurt!

The next run will be back at the field so that will be the test I suppose. As a new runner would the difference be that noticeable between gym and outdoor?

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Yes actually! I do the same thing only because of childcare and a gym contract I signed into before I started running c25k. I definitely feel the difference between a treadmill and outdoors and much prefer outdoors. Firstly I get very warm so the fans on the treadmill are useless at cooling me down compared to the early morning breeze. Secondly, I get bored on a treadmill and outdoors I run past horses, rabbits, cows as well as traffic so it keeps me entertained when I see a driver giving me odd looks for going out at 6am for a run! Try a 1% incline on the treadmill to mimic outdoor conditions. I've just done week 3 run 3 this morning :-)


There is a little difference between treadmill and outside, I find that the treadmill can help you learn to pace yourself, since its at a constant speed, but outside you have natural hills which you will need to learn how to run up and down.

Not going too fast is very important, because you can tire out too quickly, whether its muscles or breathing.

Well done today! You did really well :)


I like my home treadmill because a watch a Netflix show during the run, this helps keep my mind occupied and I do much better for it

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Well done! :-)

I wouldn't consider running indoor as cheating tho! I much prefer my home treadmill to running outside. Mainly cuz of what Mysticalmaid said above- I get to watch my CSIs at night so its perfect- takes my mind away of the pain when it becomes really hard. It helps me to also keep steady pace. Also, If its windy out that might tire u up cuz u have to fight it.. Personal decision really.. Important thing is to keep going :)


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