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3rd Parkrun

So following on from my previous post haven't been going through the program like I did before. I got to week nine and completed on 2 runs of the week that being 2 years ago. Anyhow my boyfriend and I have started attending our local parkrun. Yesterday was a 3rd run. I kept my aim of running/jogging around the whole course and staying in touch with my pacemaker of 35mins. It was a push for me. After completing the 1st lap of the course the pacemaker was behind me - he was chatting with another runner. This other woman who was keeping with the pacemaker and I continued on side by side to the end. She was very encouraging and I hope I was for her too. Towards the end I did feel it and was very close to going down to a walk but the woman beside me kept my going. I shave 14 seconds of last weeks run and I only complete a W3 run in between. My time was 34:40 :). I am very pleased with this especially for running/jogging all the way round. The last big was a real struggle and at the finish line I really felt it. My boyfriend was there at the end with water which I took but how quickly I came back to talking normal to him, I think the recovery was within a couple of mins :). His time was 24:36.

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Great effort rewarded with a very good time, well done you !


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