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Not bling for running but bling for something else

I know this is a forum for running but yesterday I participated in the Swimathon which raised money for Marie Curie. I only did the shortest distance - 1.5km (which is 60 lengths of a 25m pool) but it was a great experience. I swim a couple of times a week as well as running and I find the combination has improved my overall fitness. Swimming is a bit easier on the joints - which seems to be more & more important to me having turned 49 on Friday! I'm hoping to do the Swimathon next year at the 2.5km distance & I went to do it at the Olympic pool. Anyone who is a regular swimmer or wants something to aim for which goes well with running should maybe consider giving this a go. I've tried to add a picture of the medal but for some reason it won't let me.

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Well done Sharon. Such a wonderful cause. :)


Great. Well done. I love swimming too. Find it very relaxing. And even better to raise some pennies at the same time. Try and post the bling again!!! We all love a bit if bling!!!


Well done


Well done,

That's a fantastic thing to do and for such a good cause as well :)

Happy belated birthday for friday, hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourself,

Take care,

Siobhan x


Well done, I did mine on Friday I did 2.5km in a 50 meter pool. I started way to fast but got my rythmn eventually. Great cause and lovely atmosphere. I love my bling too.


Well done! I love swimming - enjoyed a very easy 20 min swim yesterday as a it was my rest day after a long run. Can't wait for the water in the lake to warm uo a bit ang get out there!


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