Week 9, run 1, running further if not faster

I ran for 30 minutes for the first time! I made sure to do my inhaler beforehand but was still wheezy, therefore didn't find I ran much faster. I'm pleased with 3.71k though, as I've set a mini-goal of 4k for now, and that feels achievable from this point. Hope everyone else doing their week 9 feels positive too. Let's hope it gets less blustery after today :)


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22 Replies

  • Hi Ruth, very well done! I bet you're feeling so pleased to be in Week 9, so close to finishing the programme now. I hope the next two runs go well for you. Don't try to go too fast, just keep doing what you're doing. I'm hoping the weather improves a bit soon too - I don't like running in the wind, it's hard enough as it is lol!

  • Thanks GLudwig :) Am pleased but also felt a little sad when Laura said 'goodbye' at the end. Think I'll be doing this week 9 run quite a few times to be honest though :)

  • Yes, why not? Now that you've said that, I might do it again!

  • Yay :)

  • Well done:). Graduation in sight now.

    I have done week 9 for two weeks now. I am not sure what I will do tonight yet. I haven't decided yet :)

  • Well done Ruth, almost there now. Speed doesn't matter, you're doing brilliantly :)

  • Thanks AncientMum :)

  • Well done, Ruth! Keep it up - nearly there!

  • Yay thanks Steve_L hope you're finding your way okay post graduation

  • I think so! Hoping my knee will be ok for tomorrow's run (stepping stones). It's definitely better than yesterday, so.....

  • Well done! It was hard to catch your breath in the wind today, so especially difficult if you have asthma. Only two more runs to go!

  • I don't even have asthma - officially anyway! But I get pretty wheezy. I think the coldness of the wind was affecting things. Hoping to see an improvement in less windy conditions. Yay two more runs :)

  • Yay!!!Bright shiny badge on order😀😀😀 I think the wind is the worst of all...add it to rain, hail and snow and you suddenly double the difficulty factor!! But on the plus side Spring is here and you will be doing all your post c25k runs in lovely weather( did I say I am an optimist...or dreamer...lol!!!).Good luck with your finalruns😀

  • Yes I think predictions for a rainy summer were mentioned in the news this weekend so don't count your chickens :)

  • You're nearly there RCR! Relax and enjoy the week and practice your grin for after the graduation run!

  • Well done Ruth, so close now! Remember, it's time running that's important at this stage, not distance, so don't beat yourself up if you don't make your goal. (I bet you do though :) ). And yes, I got a bit upset when Laura said goodbye, especially after my graduation run. Good luck, Steve

  • well done Ruth :D you are so close now :D we better get the bunting out ready for you :D

  • Yay can I have bunting at the Bow Roundabout for Friday morning please :)

  • thats wonderful Ruth, celebrate in style you deserve it :D

  • Nearly there!

  • Thanks Dunder :)

  • Hi Ruth I've been using China Gel on my throat it really helps open your airways and helps you catch your breath when it's cold. You can buy it from Amazon. It's quite pricey so I went halves with a friend. It was recomended by our yoga teacher. It's a bit like Vicks but nicer. I don't have asthma but have found the cold morning runs tAke my breath away.

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