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Should I go back?!

So o completed the C25K a few weeks back and did the runs as I should, i was able to run solid for the timings given although not the distances but now I've finished it I still run 3 times a week for over 3 miles but I can't seem to keep running for over 25 minutes a time, I feel I have to walk! Doesn't help my calfs start to throb which causes me problems. Should I go back to a few of the previous weeks and try again?! Thanks

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Why worry. I think running 3 miles 3 times a week is commendable even if you only do 25 minutes straight running. A number of us do run/ walk for preference. As long as you are keeping it up and enjoying it, you're doing great. The final weeks are only about extending the time - you can do that as you get stronger anyway.

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Are you pushing too hard? Run a bit slower and you will find it easier on your calves and you will have more puff to complete the session

Give it time, there is no rush. You can't suddenly develop fitness. You have to build it and that takes time. Chill out a bit and it will happen for you. As sure as eggs is eggs!

I think sometimes there seems too much anxiety about this, and that doesn't help as you're tense to start with. Relax and let things develop.

Have fun!


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