1st time out tomorrow after cold - any suggestions?

So the last week I have had a nasty cough and head cold. My bones ached, I was run down, not getting a full nights sleep, etc. Today I went and did a 5km walk ahead of the usual run for a Friday, but while I got fresh air was wondering if I was going to push myself a bit too much. I want to get back out there. I was 1 run away from completing week 7 so will have to look at getting back and repeating that week. I will try it tomorrow and see what happens, but after 7 days of no running I am sure that it will not be a good day. How have the rest of you managed with an illness during the training?


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4 Replies

  • There isn't really any secret. You just get back into it, and sure, your fitness might have suffered a bit, but my experience is that if it's only one week, then it's only very limited. Two weeks, on the other hand, is when you start to feel a definite effect.

    So give it a go, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised. It might even have done your leg muscles good to have the extra rest ;)

  • So I skipped the run Friday and did a walk instead as I still had a chesty cough when I got up that morning, but today I did Week7 again. Have to say that while I have not run in 11 days it was great to get back out onto the road. I lasted 12 minutes before I had to take a bit of a walk to get my breathing back on track. It will probably take me the week to get back into it. I am glad I got out there today as the devil on my shoulder was telling me that another few days rest would be fine, but I was determined to get out and start running again. I needed it for my sanity if nothing else. So the plan is for another run Wednesday, and again Friday. Will have to see what happens this week but fingers crossed I get back into the swing of it again.

  • 2nd run back and I managed to run 19 minutes today. Still feeling it in the chest but at least the distance and times are back on the increase. Will continue on this until I get to my 25 minutes again and then do a few at that level and see how I go. Weather was windy today, but with the warmer weather starting its getting nicer to be out running.

  • I think you need to be careful as it sounds like you've been hit quite hard by your bug. It's gone to your lungs meaning that you're really putting your body under pressure to run right now. I had a cold during my 4th week I think, and took 6 days out, but it wasn't quite enough, as my cough was brought on badly by the 1st run I did after it. You're doing the right thing to stop at the point where you feel you need to i.e. your 19 min run today, but don't risk pushing yourself too hard. It's annoying but anyone would have to take a break during a cold/bug even an elite athlete. Hope to see you back in the process soon, but take it easy while you recover. Keep reassuring yourself you haven't gone backwards you've just been forced to have a break.

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