Well it's that time of year..local farmer is spreading the muck and I don't mean gossip(although I am sure he has some😊).So for my first venture from the IC I realise as I speed off (sorry that was a dream I had...back to reality) as I did my warm up for wk 4R1 I realise that I am missing an important piece of kit... A peg! Now fellow forumites I am sure many of you can tell me where this essential addition to my spring running( ok joggetting...not quite a walk but not quite a jog) kit can be obtained.Now. I don't want any old peg...it must be pink, with a logo such as Nike, saucony( just like the sound of that) or Brooks( slightly wide nose when gasping for air). I am happy to have my nose measured as to date this has not happened. I think it slightly over pronates but possibly could get by with neutral. The peg will need plenty of cushioning as I don't want any marks and should be water(or other substance) resistant.So I await your posts. Oh the inaugural return went well😊😊


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21 Replies

  • Glad to hear you are back pot58. Not sure about pegs but you could try vaseline in your nostrils ;-)

  • You need one that electronically sniffs the air, measures the pollutant level and automatically closes your nostrils, until the air is pure and clean again. If fitted with the optional self adhesive nostril pads, it can actually pull your nostrils further open as your pace increases, facilitating an increased volume of air to be inhaled with each breath. When you track one down, even if it is logoless, please tell me, cos I have the same problem.

  • I must check the garmin site...surely they would have something😊

  • You'll want the iNose from Apple. It looks great, is beautifully styled, does everything you want (plus things you never thought of), but, Oh My, The Cost!!

  • ........... and it only works when bluetooth tethered to an iPhone!

  • Well I have heard that the upgrades are very unreliable as well...

  • Opinion is very much divided as to the effectiveness of nasal twitch analysis (NTA).

  • Ah yes.....there was an article in my running magazine...it does seem that research has been blown out of the water regarding this..

  • I have one - called anosmia. Not all it's hyped up to be.

    Granted you can't smell agricultural smells, but you also can't smell roses or chanel #5. You don't know when YOU smell, and most dangerously you can't smell gas (yep I did once relight a gas boiler and nearly blow up the whole house)

    So before you start wishing the smell would go away remember the old saying - "be careful what you wish for"

  • I'm intrigued. As an Aussie, I have no idea what this 'muck' smells like. I do have to contend with fruit bat poo on my running track which is not only smelly (think really bad body odour on a hot day) it makes the ground slippery. I'm moving to the UK later this year and am now going to be sniffing about trying to work out what smell is 'muck'. :)

  • ...think horse manure with a bit of sewer.....😀

  • Ooh...OK. Gotcha. Far out, that's a bit rough! 😷

  • I always imagined that fruit bat poo would smell like wine gums....

    ha ha

  • Haha..I wish! I went arse up in some a few weeks back. It wouldn't have been so traumatic if I came up smelling like wine gums 😂😂

  • Yep - same problem here. I think it must be National Muck Spreading week!

  • ...to add to it the tractor dragging the muck behind passed me twice( yes I am slow lol) dropping its load as it went!!!!

  • Was really relieved to see they had resurfaced the farm road near me and the smell (and manure) has gone temporarily. Mrs OG even let me off washing the running shoes when I got home!

  • Eeew. To be fair though, I prefer the smell of manure more than running past people smoking or people with overpowering cheap perfume (yuk).

  • Must agree...manure over smoke and cheap perfume any day....lol!...sounds odd..

  • I grew up near a large fishing harbour. On a hot summer day, when the wind was in the "right" direction... oh boy, oh boy, talk about stink!

  • Yep that would be worse!!!!

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