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Wk 7, r2 completed on treadmill, not cross-trainer :)

After all my angst about what to do on the cross-trainer, I got to the gym and thought 'well, I'll just give the treadmill a go, and stop if it hurts', and I did the whole run without any probs with knees at all :) The problems I had were mental!! It was soooooo boring! I found myself just watching every second tick slowly by on the timer. Nothing like running out in the fresh air at all. I'm trying to see it as a means to an end though. The treadmill is obviously kinder to my knees, and I followed the run up with plenty of strength exercises for my legs, so hopefully I'll be back outside soon :)

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Well done the cushioning on modern treadmills is good for your joints but I agree there is nothing better than running outside. Music can help with the treadmill or videos depending on your gym


Couldn't agree more about how boring treadmill running is, but it's better than not running at all. I always covered the timer with my towel so I couldn't watch it. Of course, that meant I ended up watching myself in the mirror instead * shudders at the memory*


I must be the odd one out around here as I don't mind the treadmill at my gym, but it does face the window that looks out onto the swimming pool so there's always something to watch.


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