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Arggghhhhh. Failed but will try again!

Ok, so I admit I was not in the right mood for my run tonight but I thought I would give it a go. I run on a treadmill at home and set the timer for 38 minutes, started the podcast and got going. Then the lovely laura told me my 5 minute warm up was up, I looked at my treadmill timer and it showed I'd only done 4 minutes! I started running anyway then laura said I was half way through, looked again at the time and I'd only done about 6 minutes. Realised something was wrong but by then it had upset my thought process and I went down to a fast walk, mixing in a bit of a run, until Laura said I had finished the run and to start walking. I still had 20 minutes showing! I carried on till my 38 minutes was up, and kept it at a fast walk. I noticed afterwards that the speed of the podcast was x1.5! Why make a timed podcast that you can accidentally speed up?! It completely mucked up my mind! Will try a again on Thursday now, not gonna give up when I have come so far. Week 7 took me 10 days to cover so looks like week 8 and 9 may do the same but I'll get there.

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Ahh Maddicat that is so annoying. I wasn't aware you could speed it up either will keep an eye out. Fingers crossed you're in a better frame of mind Thursday and you nail it. Everyone on here says doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you get it done eventually. Keep up the good work you've come so far. Good luck for Thursday.


I accidentally speeded up the podcast once (not sure how I can blame Laura for that!) but I could tell Laura was talking too fast (I think it was x2) so didn't get caught out.

All grist to the fitness mill though eh?


Yeah - I've done that too - was 2x speed for me too so I realised immediately - sounds like you rescued what you could anyway. Good luck with your next run :-)


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