Couch to 5K

Week 6 - back in the game

Hi everyone - I was "750turbo" on the old forum and my last post there was about hurting my calf muscle in week 6. Luckily it was only a pulled muscle and after 3 days I was able to go back and do week 6 run 1 again in my spangly new running shoes (a friend told me my old Vans weren't helping). So I'm back in the game woohoo! Can't wait to get on with the rest of it now :)

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Way to listen to your body, recover and to get the supportive shoes.-- I bet they look all "Spiderman", eh?


They are kinda webby, as it happens ;)

Week 6 run 3 done and dusted. Wasn't easy, legs were heavy and achy, but I'm now a "proper runner" according to Laura! My family aren't so easily impressed but hey ho, it feels good :D


Just downloaded weeks 7-9. Didn't bother downloading these at the start, as I never thought I'd make it this far!

Week 6 run 3 was a killer..25 mins! Felt awesome afterwards though, even though I was beetroot red and rather sweaty. I love this programme!


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