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Still in KL

I am feeling guilty for not being around to support people on their C25K journey. The work out here as been intense, but I have managed 3 treadmill sessions in the hotel's fitness room. As I suspected it's far too hot and humid to run outside, also I am surrounded by whizzing freeways with nowhere safe or interrupted. As I gave up using a tread mill before I got to the continuous running stage, I had completely forgotten how boring it is, even with the Rolling Stones to motivate me. Still 1 week down, 1 and a bit to go, and hopefully back in Blighty for Easter. I hope everyone is progressing well.

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Well done for hitting the treadmill. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be outside! You'll soon be home!


Well at least you are managing some will soon be back to it😀


Isn't treadmill running BORING?! That's soooo true. Keep listening to The Stones cos they will always see you right. Hope the rest of your KL trip goes well.


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