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Lower back pain

I'm not sure if this is even connected to my jogging as it also coincides with my husband turning the mattress over because he was suffering back pain (I wasn't before he it!!).

I have started to suffer with lower back pain in a morning. It doesn't hurt when I am in bed and although it aches a little when I first get up, after being up and about for five or ten minutes it becomes agony. It eases off if I put heat on it and after moving around for a while. Yesterday, when I went out I noticed that not only was the base of my back hurting, but also the very top of my legs at the front.

It doesn't hurt during or after I run (I am very slow when running so I don't think the impact on my knees and back is particularly high). It only really started last week - on a morning when I was due to run, not a morning after I had run (if you get what I mean). I am not running long distances - I did week 3, day 5 on Friday so up until that point my runs had been very intermittent with walks.

I had a back massage yesterday and there was no pain whilst she massaged my lower back (there was no pain before she massaged it either as it was mid afternoon and the pain has always eased off by mid morning) and she said she couldn't feel any particular tightness of the muscles in that area.

I was due to run today but think I'm going to wait until Wednesday so I have had a real rest from it (I don't run at weekends so the last one I did was Friday morning). Also, hubby is away this week so I'm going to turn the mattress back over to see if that makes a difference.

My trainers are comfy when I run and nothing hurts during or after a run. I am going to get some new trainers in the next week or so and intend on finding somewhere that does a gait analysis in case it is that.

I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered from anything similar or if it really is just time for a new mattress!

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You are still at a fairly early stage of your running career, so you are bound to have a few unfamiliar aches which are directly caused by running. For me it was my knees, but the pain was never agony and subsided almost completely by about W6. Agony is a warning to the body to rest, as you are proposing to do. Back ache became a problem for me when I increased my distance to get up to 10 miles and I alleviated that to a large degree by ongoing core strength exercises. if the agony persists, see your GP.

Changing your shoes might make a difference. As may turning the mattress, resting and strengthening. Learning about your body comes for free as part of becoming a runner and I hope you can get it sorted, despite my lack of useful suggestions. It may just be a case of mind over mattress.


I have something similar. As you say, it is bad when you get up first but gradually loosens off through the morning. I ended up at the osteopath about mine and it turned out I have a slightly twisted posture and so she did some manipulation on me and it improved. Unfortunately it has come back the last 2 mornings for me, not sure why as I a not aware of doing anything to pull a muscle so I am currently sat wearing a stick on heat patch and hoping it will be better tomorrow morning for my usual run.


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