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Wk9 R1

Woohoo!! My first 30 minute run!! I've well and truly packed those gremlins into a soundproof box in my head - when they start trying to tempt me I literally just switch off and ignore them. I love it!!!

I worked out where the 5K marker is on my route weeks ago (using MapMyRoute) and when Laura said "1 minute to go" I thought, "Well I'm not going to make 5K this time but it gives me something to work towards" and I just upped my pace a notch to see how close I could get. Literally as I reached the 5K marker Laura said "Slow down". So, not only did I do 30 minutes - but I also did the 5K!! Yeay!!!

I'd never have believed this!! Thank you Laura! Thank you NHS! And thank you to you guys too!! :oD

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Great stuff Marie! Well done. You're nearly there. Go steady ☺


Wow nice one!!!!!!


That's fantastic Marie. You're on the home stretch now.


That's brilliant, still nowhere near that time myself..


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