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Plans : how not to stick to them

I am an anarchist at heart - which means that if I cannot follow a plan:) - not even for 10 minutes! According to my HM training plan I was supposed to do 6 k last Sunday, 2 more runs during the week and 8 k today - but that did not happen - as my last run was about 10 days ago, followed by a rest day (which involved a 10 k walk), a long swim on Saturday (14th...) and then I had to leave and go to work:14 hours a day standing, at the end of which I hardly had the strength for the short walk to where I was staying. I spent part of yesterday digging (which is another free form of cross training) and today I set off for a 30 minutes run.

Or at least that was the plan when I got out of the house.

I came back one and half hour later, after running 20 minutes, followed by another 50 or so of run/walk and ended up doing the 8 k that I should have done according to the plan!

Very pleased with that, even if it was slow - if it had not been for the steep hill that brings me back home I I could have gone on for another while, I will make an effort this time and stick to my plan to run/walk the HM

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No plan ever survives first contact with the pavement.

Only Anarchists are pretty.

to (slightly mis)quote Helmut von Moltke the Elder and Vivienne Westwood.

a fairly unlikely pairing, it must be said.

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I like a plan! Running one that is. Not very good at plans and organisational things by and large but I can stick to my running plan as it's tangible. Printed off and on my desk. I think it's because I know it will deliver, and if left to my own devices I'd be too scatterbrained to get it together otherwise


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