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Week 6 DONE!

Hurray! I finished week6! Cant believe I managed 25 mins. Again I found my legs were aching more than I was out of breath... I'm pleased and amazed with the gains in fitness I've made. Saturday morning there are always loads of runners and dog walkers down on the seafront who aren't there during the week and I feel a bit smug I've been out during the week too. This morning there was someone metal detecting on the beach... would be v. surprised if he found anything! I am considering parkrunning for my next Saturday run... does anyone else on here do the Southsea one? Happy weekend everyone x

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Wayhay well done. I'm on track to do mine tomorrow. It was sooooo tempting to do it today in this lovely spring weather but I've been sensible & respected my rest day. Bet you feel fantastic now your legs have stopped aching. 😄 Keep up the great work.


Well done, not long now till you get your badge x


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