I'm Back! (I Think?)

Hi All

Bad news is I haven't run properly since about August but I ran last week, Sunday morning and have done two runs this week, with another tomorrow (fingers crossed).

It was a huge relief to find out that the laminate in the conservatory doesn't enhance the noise of the treadmill too much when I'm running - yippee!

Even though my first run was only a mile (12 minutes), I was surprised I managed it "fairly" easily considering I've done nothing but eat since last year. I was also surprised to remember how satisfied i feel after a hard workout. Hopefully, the sunnier days will encourage my enthusiasm and I can get back to where I was last summer (3 runs a week, at least one being a 5k).

Go Go Jo!!!

PS: we have been in our house for two months now and it's absolutely bloody brilliant!!!

2 Replies

  • Welcome back Jana and well done in getting out there again. You never really lose all the fitness I think. And you've come back at the best time of year which is just magic.

  • Welcome back! you can join me on the 'let's get back on the wagon' brigade.Not quite been on and off for as long as you but I think November is long enough! glad to hear you are enjoying the new house......soon be time for me to clear out mine & put it up for sale! Happy running!

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