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This morning I learnt that my state of mind affects my ability to run. I had problems with my iPod and couldn't hear anything through my headphones. Being agitated meant I didn't enjoy my run as I normally do and I struggled with the last couple of minutes. But I dug in, slowed down and finished. Hoping for a better R3 on Sunday before tackling scary week 5.

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Oh I know how you feel!! We're on the same stage of the program too. But, a week or so ago, my shoelaces kept coming undone and I actually let go of my phone and it went flying through the air while I was doing my run. Then when I picked it up, I accidentally dialled hubby. Which wouldn't be a problem except it was 5am at the time. It completely ate at me psychologically and I really struggled to get back in the 'zone' with the run. Our heads are generally the problem when it comes to achieving things - both our experiences show that. But hopefully you will be able to look back and be able to identify when you're head is in that place and work out what works for you, to move past it.

Cheers, Kel.


Tech stuff can get in the way, as you've found. Don't let it rule the run. You are firmly in charge

Glad to hear you didn't and you took the run by the scruff of the neck. All power to you!

I had to laugh at Kel for ringing her old man at 5.00 am! Ha ha.

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Definitely see where your coming from. I really need music to run or I just couldn't. Well done you for keeping going!!!!


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