I ran for a total of 16 minutes -Laura said so!

Hi. I have just finished week 4 run 3. In run 1 when I heard Laura saying I had run for a total of 16 minutes I was smiling to myself as I remembered how I had struggled with my breathing in week 1and was feeling pleased with myself. The first two runs of week 4 went better than the last one tonight because my ankles felt really stiff - not like I had injured them, they just felt less flexible. Is that common? Strangely, I only struggle with my breathing when I think about it and when Laura talks about it!

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  • Well done sounds like you're getting the knack of it all! As you increase distance the aches and pains can scupper your progress , maybe stiff ankles need a day or more rest? Hot bath? Ice pack? Gel? Just try different things, more stretching before and after? But good luck and keep going!!

  • Northernspirit is right in all he(she?) says. And well done you. Keep looking back, especially when it is tough. Being aware of your progress is a real boost and it always makes me smile too.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you both!

  • Yes, I remember that feeling - very smug. Well done.

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