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Got through W4R1!!!!!!

Have been lurking online for a while. But just had to share that I ran w4r1 today. And ran it all. All of the 16 minutes. I should have been running yesterday, but must admit the thought of moving from w3 to w4 four made me chicken out and postpone. Thankfully got my act together today and got out there.

Ran on the road and shines felt very warm in the end. Much prefer trail running, but it was too dark and late so run near the lake next to me. So question for the experienced amongst you: does the warm-up or warm-down/stretching you do for different surfaces differ?

Happy running, S

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Get a Petzl head torch, love running over the moors in the dark, usually in a gale, w7r2 completed tonight, I have started using a foam roller for 5 minutes, combined with a nice soak in the bath when I've cooled down, tend not to be too achey the next day


I get the sense a foam roller is a thing I ned to get! And soon.

Would love to run on the moors at night with just a headlight. Sounds amazing. Changing my route last night was down to security because of where I live (Inter city location)


Meant to say inner city location


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