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So last week I ACTUALLY FINISHED! Never when I started did I actually think that I would complete this right to the end. And I did it in 10 weeks and that was only due to illness! I Have done some runs since I have finally today completed my first 5k which I am so happy about. Thanks for all you support and encouragement as I couldn't have done it without it.

I was just wondering what people did after they finished as I don't want to get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over again. I also wondered what sort of times of distances you were doing at the end of the programme.

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Congratulations! I hope you feel very proud.

People go for different things. Some go for speed, some increase distance, some like races - the world is your oyster. Lots of people like the C25K+ podcasts. I suggest you mix it up a bit to find out what you enjoy so that you keep your motivation.



Hi Katie, Congratulations on graduating last week! I'm just back in from Wk9 R2 and hoping, provided nothing goes disasterously wrong, to graduate on Saturday. I started doing Park Runs at week 6, so have done 3 now. The first two I walked portions of after my C25K run time was up but last week I 'ran' the whole way - 5K - and it took me 39 minutes and 59 seconds - this was my second PB at park run. I'll be graduating there Sat morning hopefully and, I hope, I'll run the full distance again and knock a few seconds off for another PB. So, like you , I've been thinking about what to do next - at the moment I'm thinking I'll increase the running time of my Monday run weekly, do one of the C25k+ podcasts on Wednesdays and keep Park Running on Saturdays... If you don't already PR then I'd suggest you give it a go - it's great!


Well done you...I would have a new goal, a 10k perhaps to keep you motivated?


Well done Katie. Many congratulations. Keep running whatever you do! Gently to start with and increase your distance only slightly each week. The C25k+ podcasts can keep you busy for weeks and then it will be onwards and upwards towards to 10 k


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