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Almost didn't make it to wk 5, day 2

I thought I'd already posted this but I think my internet connection dropped out - apologies if it is on twice!

After not managing my wk 5, day 2 yesterday - I was too cold. I'd spent the day on various building sites (work stuff) and just couldn't face putting my running stuff on and going out in the cold. But I did take the dog on a brisk 5k walk, all wrapped up in thick coat, hat and gloves (me not the dog).

So after work today I was all geared up to do it. I had left my clothes in the car in a carrier bag with my water bottle - but I hadn't put the lid on the bottle properly and everything, including my one and only pair of trainers were soaked through. I didn't actually realise this until I was stripped down to my keggies and about to redress.

But, determined not to be beaten I came home to see if my 14 year old daughters trainers might fit. And fit they did - very comfortable too - Nike Air. I found some old leggings and a t-shirt and hoodie and back I went. And I did it.

So the big one is looming. Wk 5, day 3. I am intending on doing it on Friday - running along the canal during the eclipse. I am contemplating taking the dog but wonder if she might do something strange mid eclipse (not that she actually needs an eclipse to do something strange) so I may leave her home. I will judge her mood before I set off.

I am hopeful that something mystical will happen as I shuffle along that canal bank at just the right moment. Maybe my heels will grow little wings and I'll fly through that 20 minutes. Or maybe it will go so dark I will end up swimming in the canal.................

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Well done you. You'll get such a buzz from that 20 minute run - it's a highlight for most people, judging from what I've read here, and I remember the huge grin I wore when I did it!


What a great plan! Well done for persevering today and best of luck for r3 - it's a milestone run which will leave you beaming :-)


Good luck for tomorrow! It's a great run to get under your belt - just remember to start slow and slow down more if you need to. The smile will make your face ache... :)


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