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I got my garmin back ! (or rather a new one)

I wrote a post early January about my woes with my FR15. Basically it had started crashing randomly and losing data. At the end of the month I took it back to the shop and there followed a long silence followed by a RESULT. Garmin declared it a hardware fault so I went in yesterday to pick up my brand new replacement FR15. (In fact I should have got it after 10 days but there was a bug in the communication between the shop and me, but that is not Garmin's fault, and might be mine...)

Took it out for a test run yesterday evening and all is well. It locked onto the satellite in seconds !

So I'm very happy.

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Good to hear you're sorted out with a lovely new Garmin at last. :)


Oh great stuff. Hopefully now it will settle down and record your runs properly


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