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Stuck on week 6

Hey everyone!

I have flown through c25k until wk6d2. Day 2 was hard enough but I finished it. The following day I had a sore knee (I have a dodgy knee anyway) and took a week off to recover. Since then I repeated week 6 day 1 and 2 several times to ease myself back in. I have attempted w6d3 twice now but I keep having to stop now and again however it is mostly running. I feel that w6 is holding me back - how can I overcome this?

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Hi - lots of people struggle with week 6, after the high of week 5 run 3. There are loads of posts on this - have a read and you'll realise it's not just you. You've got two options - let it defeat you or keep going. If you keep going, you will finish the programme and feel great. I am on week 9 and have done run 2 today. I never thought, at week 6, that I would get here.

If the mental gremlins are getting to you, telling you that you can't do it, tell them to (ahem) go away. Then ask yourself 'can I breathe?' and 'are my legs falling off?' If the answers are 'yes' and 'no' respectively, spot a tree or something in the middle distance (not too far away) and head for it, sloooowly. Someone on this forum gave me this advice when I was struggling and it worked a treat.

Post when you've done that W6R3 - I'd love to hear that you've made it.

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to get to week 6 you have already completed w5 d3 - 20 minutes. You know you can run that again, so start there again. Get the buzz from w5r3, and go onto w6 again, knowing that, with Laura, you will be ready.


I agree with both the above :) J


Go slower. Really really slow down. You will be amazed!!!!


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