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good runs / bad runs

The Saturday parkrun was dreadful. My legs ached at the start line and I couldn't get my phone to work. I couldn't get the pace right and it was really cold. I hated it right up till I crossed the finish line, then I loved it. My legs ached all day.

So after a bad day at work I was expecting another bad run. I started intervals and did 3 minute runs/2 minute walks quite a bit faster than normal. Then approaching 5K I realised I was on for a good time and did a sprint finish. Although I was bushed, I was also high on endorphins, so did a slow run for another 10 minutes. What I thought would be another bad one turned out to be one of the best. Woohoo.

Thought I'd try my new Bluetooth headphones, but I seem to be fated with the phone. No power. Something to look forward to next time I suppose :)

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It's often the way that a really good run will follow one that just didn't go right. Good for you, though for sticking with your parkrun to the end even though the run wasn't feeling great - that shoes a determination that will serve you well.


Well done for hanging in there. I always stick with a run no matter how rubbish it's progressing as you can usually salvage it. Maybe you need to stop to get your breath back before pushing on a again. No problem doing that. It works!

You can do parkrun without any tech whatsoever as they will record your time for you. It's good to run clutter free. It's liberating. We don't need tech to go for a run, and often it's just nuisance value

Sounds like you're really into your running now, so keep going and it's all going to happen for you


I feel the same at the start and end of a parkrun too!! Just push it all out of the way as you did and keep going. Its the keeping going no matter what that will get you your results!! Well done!


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