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Pot holes

Been having a few lovely runs since Bad-run-day last Sunday. Really enjoying the graduation runs, but Sundays hold something special, it seems. Towards the end of a 5K run yesterday I ran into a Portuguese village rally filling the narrow streets. As you do. Trying to get away from the crowds my foot greeted a pothole. Thought nothing of it and carried on until the end.

Fast forward 6 hours and I'm suddenly in so much pain I can't walk. The hospital wheeled me round the corridors and I left with a pair of crutches, an extremely tight bandage sock, anti-inflamatories, six days off work and the news I shouldn't run for at least two weeks. No fracture but a severe twisted ankle.

Now here's the thing.... today I'm fine. No swelling, no pain, pretty much back to normal. And this is before I even start the inti-inflamatories. Have continued with the RICE for the rest of the day, but am feeling a bit of a fraud.

Questions: should I continue with the RICE? can a sprained ankle really heal so quickly? Most importantly, should I really adhere to the advice of no running for two weeks?

Advice greatly appreciated.

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The practice on this forum is generally not to give advice that should be sought from a medical expert, so I would advise you to ask those who prescribed the anti inflammatory drugs for their opinion, now that the situation seems to have changed. You don't want to take anti inflammatory drugs unnecessarily and you probably need to return the crutches, so have every opportunity to get their opinion, and if all seems well, then the advice would need altering also.

Hopefully you will get back running much sooner, but the RICE treatment won't do any harm in the interim. Good luck.


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