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Week 6 run 3 superheroes

So let's paint the scene. I'm slightly knackered after woopin the husband at mountain biking yesterday (he tells me he's seen a real improvement, that's momentous coming from him who was born on a bike). The 3 yr old is hiding so I'm havin to catch im to dress & feed him for school. I'm wondering if today's the day. I need a sign or something to make it feel right. But I know there's literally hundreds of us out there managing normal life but secretly plotting to get to week 9, like a whole lot of superheroes earning their capes. So I know I'm not alone in these mental barriers. So after I wipe the breakfast jam from the walls that's us we're out the door & off to school, and I'm off to meet my fate whatever that might be. It's sunny, my ankles fine, I forget my inhaler but I know today I've to tow the line, keep her steady, grind away and keep SLOW to finish the full God awful 25mins. And I did. And there's my lesson in life today- sometimes you have to see the long game and just suck up the advice and stick to the plan. Now I'm off to plan my 3 days mountain biking holiday in Wales this weekend because I'm improving in that as well! Love you Laura, you're getting me through it! Good luck all my fellow super heroes out there.

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Great post - that 25 mins is tough, but it's also totally possible. Hope you remember your cape next time :) Good luck for week 7


Thanks ruth, I'm more like super Gonzo of the muppets rather than superman but in my own style I'm flying! X


Wahay! Go you!!!! The biking will really do you good as regards your running. Walking will too so fit in some rambling too if you can manage it.

Slowly plugging away at your runs is THE best way. Slow runs build running legs. It's not just bullwotsit, it's true. I'm with you a 100%. Stick to the plan. C25k is the dogs wotsits of plans so you can rely on it delivering the goods. I assume you can rely on yourself to do the rest. LOL

Have fun in Wales. Steady as she goes. Jam! It gets everywhere doesn't it. Great training food I find. Ginger or blackcurrant are my current faves


Ginger jam sounds yum miss wobble. I particularly like rhubarb jam spread thickly on the curtains!!!! thank god for wet wipes!


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