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Week 4 run 1 after sickness bug

I am so chuffed. I had a sickness bug at the beginning of the week and therefore didn't run for 6 days. I was tempted to go back and repeat week 3 but decided to continue with the programme and I completed week 4 run 1!!! I was soooo chuffed with myself. It may be difficult at the time but the rewards you receive for achieving something that you never thought was possible is brilliant. Can't wait to go out again tomorrow!!!

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That's brilliant well done but don't forget your rest day!


Thank you. I actually ran on Saturday so yesterday was my rest day. Can't wait to go out today :)


Good on you! As Lou says, though, don't overdo it - the rest days are important!

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Well done Tez mate. Fantastic. Glad you are recovered from your lurghy. There is nothing worse than being unable to run through either illness or injury. Pat on your back!!


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