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week 2 /run 2 did it yay!

Hello all

Well.. I have 4 pairs of trainers, which I live in! I have tried all of them so far, but the only pair I am able to complete the run in are the Nike downshifter 5.

Today came and I knew I had my run to do, I set my speed to 2.5 mph on my treadmill and left it at that speed for both the walk and jog. the distance covered was 1.25 miles and when I finished the sweat was pouring off me.

I am tempted to do week 2 again next week, before I move on to week 3.


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Well done you did it, that's all that counts :) your call whether to move on or not, but if you've done all of week 2 why not? Keep really is addictive and really works!!!


Doowutchyalike, as someone once rapped. It doesn't matter which week you are doing or how many times, as long as you are keeping on doing it.


Every week at the start I kept thinking I needed to redo a week because I didn't think I would be able to do the next one but each time I decided to press on and have been amazed that I could do it! The programme is really sneaky and even when you think you won't be able to do it - you will!

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I think you have to do what feels right for you, but if you're managing week2 ok, then why not try run 1 of week 3 and see how it feels. If it's too much you can always go back to week 2.

I'm on week 3 and it really isn't that bad (having said that I'm procrastinating about going out for a run this morning. Well, it is cold lol).

It's hard isn't it, because each week you think, oh no, will I be able to do the next week! But you just have to trust in yourself and trust in Laura.

At the end of the day.. listen to your body. Slow it down. Slow is good, as Laura says.

Good luck with it.


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