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W2R2 done and dusted 😆

Yep done my second run if week 2 this afternoon. Found it a little tougher than my run on Wednesday! But I think I found run 2 in week 1 more difficult than the first. Have to say not feeling as euphoric today, but really sure why. However I am very proud of myself ☺

I do have some toes though, my little toe and the one in from it on each foot. Not had a problem until now, wondering if it could be my socks? Still looking forward to my run on Monday though 👟

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Well done niknok (love the name!) each run gets progressively tougher, I just follow Laura. Toes could be trainers too small? Keep going and hope you enjoy more and more as the archivement builds.


Well done, and I agree it could be tight trainers, or duff socks??


I was advised to get running shoes half a size larger than I would wear for walking around so that my feet have room to swell up when I run (nice!) Also my hubby got me a very romantic valentine's present of running socks and they definitely make a difference.


I did the same run today!! :)


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