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Woohoo! Week 5 done!

Well after last week's W5R3 disaster I'm pleased to say I managed it this morning with no problems at all (apart from that I'm starting to get bored of the route - I love the bit by the sea but the bit heading back to my house is pretty dire) - it was completely different right from the start, legs didn't hurt, no cold so I could breathe properly, it was all good. The last 2 minutes seemed LOOONNGG and my legs were feeling pretty heavy by then but I did it anyway!

Thanks so much to those of you who encouraged me on last week, it really made a difference and I feel fab now. Now a nice weekend off before starting week 6 on Monday!

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Congratulations!! That's the hard part done - now for the easier bits...


Oh, well done Sophster! Enjoy your weekend and good luck for week 6 :-)


Oh well done you.


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