Best run so far!!

Hey all,

I haven't been able to run for a week. I haven't been on the injury couch, but I have spent most of the past week on the "poorly throne" (silver lining - I've lost half a stone :))

Felt better the last day or so, so went out this morning with Zombies Run for company. Just intending to see how I got on.

Turned out I got on quite well. I felt pretty good from the outset, got into a nice pace which was slightly faster than I usually set out (but not as fast as when I got caught up with everyone at parkrun the other week) but it felt comfortable so I went with it.

I did regret wearing my warm tights and long sleeved tee under my regular tee. I got a tad warm to say the least!

Ended up doing 5.01km in 36:40 which is 1:03 faster than my previous best :D There's also no sign of any aches or niggles in my legs.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been feeling good all morning.

Hopefully I'll have another bash at parkrun on Saturday as well.

3 Replies

  • Fabulous feeling! Glad you're better and enjoyed your run :-) Enjoy the rest of your day feeling good!

  • Sounds a lovely run Peter. Having some time on the poorly throne obviously did the trick!

  • Well done Peter. Sorry to hear you were ill but like you say, every cloud ... By dropping several pounds you were running lighter and probably quicker. I always go slower when I'm carrying too much ballast. Fortunately we can control our weight better when we're running.

    Good luck with your parkrun

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