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How do your legs feel on a rest day?


Just wondering. Sometimes I feel fine the day after a run, sometimes I ache a bit. Today, after my 25 minute W7R2 yesterday, my legs don't ache, but they feel tired and weak. Does that get better with time?

I have to keep reminding myself, when I'm disappointed with my speed or other aspects, that I've only been running for six and a half weeks!!

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It gets better with time or perhaps one just doesn't notice it as much. It's probably something to do with all the parts bedding in! 🌞:)

yup Steve - I'm bothered by aching knees. Like you Im new ('gotten from the couch to starting week 7 today in around 8 wks) & it's tough. The ice & rest combo really makes a difference - maybe we need to fuss over our wee hard-working legs a bit more :)


I too suffer with aching legs. I am sat here now in my office wiggling my toes (I am sure someone suggested that somewhere :)) I did Week 8 run 2 last night (I did get over excited and run for longer though). I suffer with shin splints and my shins have felt bruised now for 8 weeks. I have tried different running shoes and although some seem to make is easier when I run the bruise like feeling is still there on my rest days. I also seem to be getting back ache. I am clearly not running correctly :(. Keep at it am I hoping it will get better.

Steve_LGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

I noticed you'd run longer than the plan for that session - very impressive, and a decent time for 5K! Do you think you need to run more upright if you're getting backache?

PrincessStefGraduate in reply to Steve_L

Yeah that wasn't intentional. I kept on coming across runners coming towards me (3 of them all spaced out just enough) and I felt a bit silly stopping when they could see me. The last part of my run (the bit after Laura told me to stop) was all uphill so I was probably leaning forward (I am a little top heavy so need to balance :))

PigiviGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

I am of the opinion that before 'keeping at it' it would be better to find out if it is your running form that needs correcting - it's much harder to change your running form later and if it is a "bad" form that is causing shin splits and back pain these are not going to vanish :(

Which part of your back is aching? if the back ache had started after the shin split this could be the cause of it - (altering posture to feel less pain is something that is often done without being aware of it) - Have you tried taking a few consecutive days rest? There are several posts on shin splits, it is a very common problem and you may find an answer - If there is no improvement maybe see a sport injury therapist? or someone who could help you with running form?


PrincessStefGraduate in reply to Pigivi

The shin splints are getting better slowly - I didn't want to give up. I run Monday/Wednesday/Friday and always find that Mondays run is the hardest so not sure more days rest would help. The pain is in my lower back and I am not sure if I am just a bit unstable and twisting my waist as I run :). I don't find it a problem just a niggle.


Good to know that it's getting better - but really make sure that your back does better too (I have just spent 2 months with no running because of it - even if the pain was not related to running...) I am the opposite, my runs are better after 2 days rest, but that may just be an age thing :)


I still suffer from stiffness. Mostly later in the day of my run but sometimes also the morning after. It's the sort of stiffness that shakes off within a few steps but is back he next time I get up.

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