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Hi all

Completed W4r2 last night. Not as bad as Monday nights run but still hard though. I had to push myself but am very pleaee I completed it. Been cutting down on carbs/portion sizes eating more fruit/veg eetc since January and today I'm wearing trousers I haven't got into for a year!! But to be honest the weight is an added bonus as since starting this plan I feel great. I sleep well, my energy is high and my mood is lifted. Although I find the runs hard I feel so good I'm determined to keep going. Hope all other newbies are doing well.

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It's a brilliant program, isn't it?! It's almost 2 years now since I started and it still makes me feel good!

Well done you for the achievements you have made so far - I love the way this program teaches you to celebrate success (and it does, through the gradual build up that ensures that each week is a challenge, but one that you can achieve). Keep it up - you will feel better and better!


Well done! I was surprised at how running lifts my mood. However I feel as I set off I always feel better when I have finished. It really gets my day off to a good start. Good luck with the rest of the programme!


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