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Wk 4, run 2 in the bag


And in the rain again. Nice and quiet on the canal though.

I struggled a little with it - I went for my run at 2pm and had my lunch at 1pm, an hour later than I have been doing on run days. I shan't do that again.

But I did it. And even managed to speed up from snail pace to tortoise pace for the last minute of the last run.

Bring it on on Friday.

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well done Debih....Good luck with run 3 :)

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I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it.

Well done. You're doing so well.

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Thanks. I'm plodding on. It'd be so much easier if I wasn't carrying as much weight. But 1 stone down since I started - ideally another 3 stone to go but I'm trying to go by clothes size now rather than weight. I've gone down one dress size already.


Well done deb, get ready for the next run as week 5 will soon be here good luck :) J

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I'm trying not to think about week 5!!!!!


Ah the joys of running in the rain, I have visions of you running along in gentle drizzle overtaking narrow boats alongside green fields with cows in them. I bet it's not like that at all!

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It's not far off Codfish!

The canal starts where I work and there's only one boat on that part - one run by the canal people and that just does tourist trips, generally at weekends.

But because of the lack of boats the wildlife is fabulous. I was overtaken by Canadian geese this afternoon.

It's incredibly peaceful, apart from the hourly train that runs alongside the canal.

It is rather idyllic. Get rid of the walkers and cyclists and it would her perfect!!!!

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But there are fields with cows either side of the canal/railway line.

I took photos today - must learn how to put them on the site!

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Hi Deb

Well done with the running. I read you have another 3 stone to go? I shed 4 stone since last March, I used myfitnesspal and would sure recommend it, although it sounds like you are doing ok. Well done.

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Thanks. I'm doing weight watchers at the minute but am contemplating stopping. I know what I shoukd be eating and since exercising more my weight loss has slowed but my measurements are changing.

But WW does make me think about what I'm shoving in my gob and that discipline of being weighed every Monday does keep me on track.

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