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W7R2 - felt better today!

After finding it such hard going on my W7R1 25 mins on Monday, I wasn't sure how to feel about today's run. As it happens, it wasn't so bad, though do other people have the thought in the first few minutes of a run, as the breathing starts to get heavier, heart rate increases and legs tell you they're running that they could easily imagine breaking out of the run into a walk, that they might not be able to keep it up?

I was running the same course for comparison, and everything about today's run was an improvement - I ran a little further, at a better pace, but a minute shorter (26:49 vs 27:16). Monday, I felt I couldn't go further. After being nagged here about pushing too hard, I wasn't going to do that again, and I just stopped at a convenient point (an awkward gate, that I'll run through on Friday!).

Strange to think that, barring disaster, I've only got seven runs of this adventure left!

Oh, and it's such a lovely day, I wore my running shorts for the first time and left the trakkie bottoms at home!

My run, in case anyone's interested:

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Good stuff. It's great to see so many people overcoming doubts/fears/gremlins.


I do think you tend to settle into a run after the first 5-10 minutes, it's one of the reasons running continuously can seem easier than run/walk. It can vary quite a lot day by day based on your own energy levels and the weather, even when using the same route. I use 2 main routes and my best run on one of them was a W8 run, it all seems to start to click around this point.


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