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Week 6 Run in Rain, Wind, and everything else

So I knew that this week was going to be a rough one for running. The weather was not going to match my running days at all. Monday, Wednesday, Friday were to be the worst. Monday was somewhat dry, but the wind did make Run 1 a bit harder than usual. Tuesday was a rest day, and the rain rested too. Lovely and sunny, warm, light breeze. Today however the wind was back, as was the rain. In the past I have done yo-yo exercising. I knew that the challenge this time around was to start in the winter rather than the summer, but I have been so determined the past few weeks to see this though to the end, and seeing photos from the ParkRun on the weekend, and the comments left by all of you too really motivated me on Monday to continue on. I did my usual walk yesterday in the sunshine and was looking forward to today.

When I woke up this morning however, I knew that the weather was going to be against me. The wind has picked up again, and very dark clouds were over the house. It was going to be one of those days. Overthinking it is the hardest thing of all. I dressed for my run anyway wheather I would get it done this morning or afternoon, and started the routine of breakfast, water, etc. I made myself think that this was going to happen. I checked Accuweather (rain for the next 120 minutes) - great. I checked Met Eireann, same - brilliant. And finally I looked out the window. All I needed was 45 minutes. It was still windy, but the rain had stopped and I could see lighter clouds out there.

Determined I put everything together, locked the door and went for it. Laura, as upbeat as always, was telling me what the runs would bring, but to be honest I did not listen, I was concentrating on the weather still. When my 5 minute walk was up I was starting my run into a headwind. Keep pushing.... its only 1/2 a km to the turn then I will be on a long straight flat run and the wind will not be a problem. Once I got over that first 1/2 km it did make it easier. 1st run done, no rain, but still windy. ok, 3 minute walk till the next run. Again the rain stayed off, I got in the second run, and was closer to home when I completed it then I thought. I do the same run each time so I know the markers which in my mind helps me more and more.

In the end I did not know why I fussed about it. I suppose in the past I would have said "I will run tomorrow instead", and then tomorrow becomes the next day, and the next , and before I know it I am back to where I was at the start of the year. I am glad that I just got out there and I actually enjoyed the run more as I was not concentrating on the run at all, but on the weather so it went faster for me.

As for the weather, well I was home only 2 minutes and having some water and I looked out the window and it was lashing rain. Looks like someone up there was watching out for me and wants me to succeed this time.

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Good for you! I started in January with the resolve that only weather that would cause injury would stop me - I've been out in everything - the only time I've slipped a run was from a Saturday morning to a Saturday evening so that the pavements/roads could defrost. We're sooo going to crack this! Good luck for run 3!

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Well done peeps. Keep plugging away, slow but sure, come rain, come shine. You'll never regret it

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