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A bit better tonight

It was a couple of degrees C cooler tonight and I decided to wear my HR monitor. I am aiming to run my 10K "race" in under 1 hour 10 minutes - so I have been building up to run 9K at less than 7 min per k . Two nights ago, it was quite hot and I was struggling to do 6.5K at 6:56 , but tonight I became aware that my HR was going over 90% of max so I was able to slow down a little and keep it just below 90% - this seemed to make 7.5K at 10 seconds per K faster a bit easier - the 2 degree C drop in temp probably helped too. I will do 2 more runs 8 &9 k over the next 4 days and then taper off to only a couple of shorter runs in the week leading up to the race. I am starting to feel that I can do it - but from then I am going to run long slow and easy without watching pace for the next couple of months!!

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Bazza I really feel for you it's so hard at those temps and the humidity on top of that. Good. Luck with your race, I too am hoping for cooler temperatures for my race. I thought the weather was going to start turning but the temperature seems to be stuck at 34 this week


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