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Newbie :) Week 2 day 3 done!

Hi guys, wish I'd have found this forum before now!

I started the c25k on Feb 27th, that first day was so hard! But I have literally just finished my 3rd day of week 2 and I am so proud and happy with myself, I have been using a motorised treadmill to train on, for the walks I have had the speed set at 5 and the run set at 7 in the first week, in the second week I upped it to speed 8 :) although I am not sure what the speed is measured in as when I finish a workout it says I have done a distance of '2.7'.

Along with the training I am also on an atkins diet as I need to lose weight. When I was younger (I am now 26) I used to play a lot of football, as I have gotten older I have piled on the weight (blaming uni and work stress :p), I decided now was the time to act on being classed as obese according to my BMI :( I signed up to do a run for cancer research a month or so ago, therefore giving me something to aim towards in June!

I don't really know what to be writing in these forums but if anybody wants to chat then message me!

Good luck everyone! And well done to the people who have reached goals and those who are still working hard to reach them :)


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Is the treadmill telling you km/hr and km travelled? I used a treadmill for some of my early runs in January and used to end up doing around 2.7k including warm up and down during the first couple of weeks, walking a bit faster, but running a bit slower than that. I have happily switched to doing them all outside and graduated last week.

Just write about what you have done and any questions you have, there is lots of support here. Well done on making a start, it's a cliche but it is the hardest part.


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